Masturbator/ Stroker/ KEON & FEEL STROKER Combo Pack/ Powered by KIIROO


Keon by KIIROO & Feel Stroker Combo Pack   *This product contains the Keon and the Pale Feel Stroker 


Welcome to a new universe of award-winning sex technology – the KEON automated masturbator lets you live out your wildest fantasies, in real time.  A new standard in interactive pleasure has been set with Keon by KIIROO; the smartest automatic masturbator on the market today. Embodying both innovation and design in a small, compact casing; KEON is the ultimate automatic Sex Toy for Men.  Its ergonomic shape and intuitive grip control helps optimize your experience in limitless ways. Imagination is dead. Long live interactive pleasure.  And with its comfy, compact design, you don’t even have to use your hands.  All you need to do is let KEON unleash your fantasies.

The smartest interactive masturbator in the world

Capabilities of KEON by KIIROO include: 

  • The ability to connect with other KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled toys 
  • The ability to connect with 2D and Virtual Reality interactive adult content 
  • The ability to connect to interactive webcams 
  • The ability to reach speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute in its shortest, fastest mode.

All content shown on and other interactive partner sites are compatible.

Product specifications:  Keon-by-Kiiroo-Manual

KEON / Materials: ABS, PC, Silicone  Finish: 24 VDI + gloss  Size: 220x130x146mm  Weight: 1,1 Kg  Battery: 16,8V 700 mAh  Charging: 4 hours User time: 30 min-2 hours depending on usage

Stroker Outer Casing Material: ABS + PC   Sleeve Material: TPE  Size: 200x84mm  Weight: 800 grams +- 15% 

What you get in the box:  * 1 x Keon by KIIROO  * 1 x Feel Stroker by KIIROO  * 1 x USB Charging cable


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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17.4 × 15.3 × 25.6 cm

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