Vibrator/ Flexible/ CRESCENDO 2 – Powered by Mystery Vibes


Vibrator/ Flexible/ CRESCENDO 2 – Powered by Mystery Vibes


Engineered by a team of professionals for ultimate premium & robust quality.  The Crescendo can be fully personalized with precisely targeted vibrations, exactly where you want them to be.  This work of art, incredibly offers you Infinite toys in One, so much so; You may never need any other!   The Crescendo is designed to mimic our fingers – Bend it to new shapes to fit your body, whatever your sizeBend to Feel vibrations at every inch from the 6 anatomically placed motors that are designed to Stimulate all 6 Erogenous Zones for the most unique orgasm!!   100% Waterproof  in Premium Silicone with 6 Powerful Motors!

Truly customizable – with 12 preset vibes and 16 intensities, you will add Rocket-Fuel to your sexlife!   Whether it’s a for a knee trembler, spine tingler or earth shaker orgasm, discover not only your favourite spots but also your partners! Crescendo is guaranteed to transform your relationship by hitting all the right spots, every time.  Crescendo mimics many toys in 1, you can use as G-spot Vibrator, a Clit or Penis Vibrator or our favourite, as an Anal Vibrator!

And for those times your hands are tied, Give your partner live control of your pleasure!  Connect the Crescendo to the very Smart App and let go of the controls!!

Crescendo 2 is So good it comes with 24 MONTH WARRANTY  along with Elbow Grease sampler

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