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The most powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator!  Wireless, Wearable, and Comfortable!

The newest version of Lovense remote control love egg.    Lush 2 is a fully programmable remote control vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our Remote App allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs, with 3 steady vibration levels Up to 10 explosive pattern settings! PLUS many optional patterns uploaded to the app by happy users.

Lovense redesigned the antenna with the connectivity being greatly improved over the original Lush, while moving the on/off button to the end of the antenna, so one can turn it on and off while still being able to wear it. Finally, Lovense has an obsession with power – the Lush 2 now has an even BIGGER motor to ramp up the power without reducing battery life yet its Nearly Silent having only a 45 decibel level when inserted so you use without worrying about family or roommates or strangers when using in public, hearing it!  But beware, they will hear you MOAN!!!

Body-Safe Materials being IPX7 Waterproof and having 2.5-3 hours of continuous use battery life with quick USB charge-ability.  Wireless connection to your phone or Ipad/tablet.  Comes with 1 year warranty and Sexy Wets money back guaranty.

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Any   Lovense logo.    Toy    Any Lovense toy connects to your device via Bluetooth connection.    Any Lovense toy connects directly to PC using a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter.

Any Lovense toy connects directly to PC using a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter


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Dimensions 16 × 13 × 5 cm

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